First Patak Series on September 11, 2010

PATAK stands for "Pilipino Americans, Taasan Ating Kabataan" which is translated into "Filipino Americans, Uplift Our Youth"

The word "Patak" in the Tagalog language means to drip, drop, or a drop of liquid. In  terms of this education, "Patak" is symbolic for instilling drops of knowledge about educational, career, and life choices to our Pilipino American youth and community.

PATAK's mission is to ignite a talent pipeline for leadership and success by informing Pilipino American youth and families about college and career resources. Thus, creating a wave of young leaders who are driven to fulfill their own individual goals and ultimately utilizing their talents to serve the community.

PATAK is a collaboration between The Office of Student Outreach and Recruitment (SOAR) of Lone Star College- North Harris and Filipino Young Professionals of Houston (FYP).

PATAK Series 2010 consisted of 4 educational workshop series focusing on Filipino Cultural Identity, College Preparation, Career Pathways, Financial Aid, Mentorship, a Community Service Project with SEARCH Homeless, and a PATAK Graduation/Scholarship Awards Reception.
In celebration of Filipino Heritage Month in October, we will have 2 major PATAK Events this year: