Friday, October 15, 2010


Hello PATAK Pamilya,

Thank you to everyone who came out and participated in the 2nd PATAK Series on College 101, Financial Aid, and Career Pathways. I hope everyone had a fun time and learned some good and helpful information in on college and career choices.

For those of you who did not attend, yall missed out on the fun! Here is a RECAP PATAK II....

All FYP Volunteer/Mentors introduced themselves and their careers!

In the morning, we played College 101: So you THINK you're Ready for College? in which everyone needed to find their matching college term and definition!

Next we found out ways to pay for college through our Financial Aid Presentation: Show me the MONEY $$ by Jan Abasolo and Gerry Mantaring. I know parents were furiously writing copious notes on how to pay for college. No fear- contact Jan, former Financial Aid Assistant Director St. Thomas University at

Then everyone separated in breakout session on college and career discovery- 2 youth breakout sessions and 1 parents session where professionals shared personal advice on how to prepare for the real world!

Noon time came and we ate lunch from Lucky Oriental Cooking! That was some delicious food! FYP Volunteers spoke to different parents and youth about their experiences on a more personal level.

After lunch, we had everyone dance off their full bellies with a Boom Chika Boom REMIX! All teams busted out with their best dance moves. But in the end, Team 2 won with their fearless youth leader, Aldous Subang as the lead choreographer! " I said a BOOM CHIK, a ROCKA, ROCKA CHIK, a ROCKA ROCKA CHIK A BOOM!" Everyone had a great time with this icebreaker!

To set the mood for our HOT SEAT Panel Discussion, FYP Volunteer Koy Severino created an awesome slideshow on famous Filipino Americans to the song, "The Apl Song". This was an eye opening montage of Filipino American talent and diversity. 

After the montage, we chose a 6 seat panel for our HOT SEAT Panel Discussion on College and Career Preparation. On the panel we had FYP Volunteers- Ernest Maniego and Michelle Pascua, FYP Parent- Tita Cleo Robinett of PNAMH, PATAK Parent- Chris Parent, and PATAK Youths- Brandon Howard of Spring HS and Nora Peregrina of Wunsche HS. FYP Volunteer, Richard Torres, facilitated an excellent panel discussion!

At the end, we gave away many doorprizes donated by FYP Volunteers and Lone Star College. Pair of movie tickets by FYP President, Jason Robinett, Worlds Finest Chocolates from Auggie Ocampo and Tulud Family, Asian Travel Gifts by Victorina Piccio, $10 Gift Card and Shirt from LSC-NH Follet Bookstore, Lone Star College North Harris T-Shirts, and much more! Who doesn't love free stuff!

And who could end a party without a huge KODAK picture!


Don't forget to attend PATAK III: Community Service Project- Feed the Homeless a Filipino Thanksgiving Meal on Saturday, November 3, 2010. More details to come in the next post.

Thanks again for everyone came out!

Picture Slide Show of PATAK II

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